5 Best Cigar Humidors

5 Best Cigar Humidors for Smokers

Are you looking for the 5 best cigar humidors for smokers? When it comes to cigars you can never be wrong with having a quality humidor, as it is not just stylish but looks elegant, professional, and refreshing to the eyes. It also tells a lot about a personal style. However, finding an ideal humidor for your liking can be tricky and difficult at times because there are so many out there and one bad humidor can potentially dry out your cigars smoke. A bad or low-quality humidor can lose moisture and will affect the quality of your cigar.

We have created a guide which will not only help our customers in choosing the best cigar humidors, but also share with them few features to have in mind when choosing the product along with key features.

Case Elegance Cedar Cigar Humidor

Case Elegance Cedar Cigar Humidor

Case elegance made some of the best cigar humidors, watch boxes, and other luxury storage for the various items. Their glass top humidor has an elegant look and has a feature of a hygrometer, an accessory drawer, and a magnetic seal, you can always keep your lighter and cigar cutter in the accessory drawer. You will get a solid wood grain exterior and color without spending too much. Hygrometer and built-in humidification mean your cigar is safe and will give the taste of your liking without losing any of its smoke and flavor. The stunning top tempered glass will allow you to see your collection of quality cigars. The top lid has an enormous dazzling safety glass display which shows your fine smoke collection. This option is one of the best cigar humidors we have seen.

Key Features

  • Even humidity
  • Accessory drawer
  • Tempered glass display
  • Hygrometer on front

Mentello Large Cigar Humidor

Mentello Large Cigar Humidor

If you are looking for a great product without breaking your bank look no further than the Mantello cigar humidor. It has a top glass with scratch resistance bottom and Spanish cedar lining. The product will give a feel of top quality and class.

It can hold up to 100 cigars and will ensure humidity inside. It has a hygrometer as well as the traditional lock and key feature. Top tempered glass will let you see inside also will help in maintaining their quality.

At this price range, you won’t find many products which have the same quality.

Key Features

  • Gorgeous design
  • Up to 100 Cigars
  • Traditional lock and key
  • Hygrometer
  • Tempered top glass

Whynter Stainless Steel Cigar Cooler and Humidor

Whynter Stainless Steel Cigar Cooler and Humidor

If you looking for more storage for your cigars then this whynetr steel is ideal for you it can handle up to 250 cigars, it is in the shape of a cupboard with a glass door.

Whynter makes high-quality home electronics and appliance and their cigar cooler and humidor will provide fantastic results. It is perfect for any game room or bar, you can fit this anywhere to your liking under or on the counter, and has this amazing digital gauges feature that will let you know about the temperature inside.
It has soft interior LED lighting inside with an on and off switch, also a removable cedar drawer and shelves. Internal fan will force circulation for even humidity and temperature distribution throughout the cabinet. These features make this humidor one of the best cigar humidors we have seen!

Key Features

  • Glass front
  • Digital display
  • Cabinet style
  • Cools and humidifies
  • Up to 250 cigar capacity

Milano Humidor

Milano Humidor

Milano humidor is an attractive and good-looking piece. It has a dark cherry finish with a traditional look and can keep moisture inside your humidor.
You will find a lock and key. There is an analog hygrometer inside the box that takes up some space inside of the humidor. It has an exquisite interior and exterior with a secure close lid which will protect the quality of the cigar.
If you are willing to invest in a quality product then this Milano humidor is best for you as it has ample storage space and you can hold up to 100 cigars and has a warm character.

Key Features

  • Hold up to 100 cigars
  • No exterior hygrometer
  • Gorgeous interior and exterior
  • Lock and key

XIFEI Humidor With High Precision Front Digital Hygrometer

XIFEI Humidor With High Precision Front Digital Hygrometer

XIFEI humidor comes with a different design is has a half-open window design but still visible inside, made with a Spanish cedar solid wood for long life and pleasant fragrance.
The model is pretty clean and can hold up to 50 cigars, the shelves inside are moveable. There is a digital exterior fitted readout which will tell you about the temperature and humidity.

There are twin accessory drawers for you to keep a cigar cutter, lighter, or cigar punch inside, which gives a classy and stylish look to it. When closed the small design elegantly flush with the moisturizer.

Magnetic lock and the amazing sealing effect are the other features in this classy yet stylish humidor.

Key Features

  • Glass lid
  • Magnetic lock
  • Cedarwood
  • Up to 50 cigars
  • Natural wood look

Tips on Finding the Best Cigar Humidors:

When it comes to finding the best humidor for cigars, several things should be in mind to make sure that you get the right product according to your needs.


Humidors come in various sizes, from small travel sizes in which you can keep only a handful of cigars to a couple of hundreds. It depends on your cigar collection If this is your first purchase consider going for small and classy, you can always go for a larger size later.


A hygrometer will measure and indicates the humidity and temperature in your humidor. Your cigars must stay in the sweet spot for perfect humidity. A hygrometer is installed inside or outside in a humidor, most of the time people prefer an external version, and that you do not have to open the lid or box to check the humidity.


Style is also another aspect to consider while buying a humidor, it depends on the personal choice like if a person likes the modern style or classy look or walnut color it depends on each person that what is his color or style choice.


Material is crucial when it comes to selecting the best cigar humidor. Take your time and pick the best option!


If you are looking for a humidor Spanish cedar is an ideal choice for the interior. Wood will resist bugs and provides the classic aroma.


Metal is not the ideal choice when it comes to humidor as it lacks a clean and classy look, but also there is no resistance against bugs.

Seal and Lid

Most people’s first choice is a glass lid humidor, so they can admire the beautiful cigars inside. Solid and glass lid humidor both are available in the market and both of them provide the humidity level that is to make sure that the humidity level is intact.
A good seal is very important to keep the cigar fresh because a poor seal will affect its taste and smoke. One must open the humidor only when necessary because the unnecessary opening will distribute the air within.


Price varies drastically, a jar can cost only 18 dollars but a full-sized cigar cabinet or cooler can cost more than 500 dollars. It is better to buy within your budget.

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