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  1. AvatarDub Perry says

    Steven, I’m planning on purchasing an electric humidor as a Christmas gift. May I ask what resources you utilized to arrive at the various humidor ratings? While reading the many Amazon reviews I was struck by the lack of people noting their geographic locations. Here on the Texas Gulf Coast our humidity can swing many percentile in any given week.

    Best regards,

    • Steven JohnsonSteven Johnson says

      Hi Dub!

      Yes, humidity can be the main problem for your cigars in simple humidor without temperature and humidity control.

      On the one hand, in electric humidor, we can check out the temperature; on the other hand, we can not control humidity inside humidor. That is why cigar enthusiasts strongly recommend to buy cigar humidifier in every cigar cooler humidor. So they don’t think about geographic locations; they don’t care about them.

      Can I help you choose electric humidor? Price? How many cigars should be stored?

  2. Avatarrick says

    not the original person who ask the question. i would like your opinion on a good thermoelectric humidor. plan to store 300-400 cigars in basement. temperature controlled no sunlight to worry about. price less than than $300

  3. AvatarSamantha says

    I am looking to purchase an electric humidor for my husband. Can you advise which one is best to buy for a price under $300. He doesn’t need a capacity over 200 cigars. Something sleek, quiet and easy to use. Thank you!

  4. Steven JohnsonSteven Johnson says


    Yes, you should buy a humidifier for your cooler humidor. There is a special thin cable that comes with the device.

  5. AvatarAl Lang says

    Hi: I found your article. Lots of interesting info. So, I am looking for a larger box than any of the ones you have listed. My current, un-cooled box has an interior capacity of 4.1 cu. ft. (18x20x20) and the NewAir 400 has a capacity of 2.3 cu ft. Do you have any suggeestions on what I might be able to find that is a little larger but will not break the bank?

    • Steven JohnsonSteven Johnson says


      Hm, difficult question. I could recommend you this cooler but there are many bad reviews…

      Can you write your budget? Maybe I’ll find something for you in this unfortunate moment.

  6. AvatarDan B says

    Why do most of these coolers have a max Fahrenheit in the mid 60’s wouldn’t you want it to be maxed at 70 or 72?
    I like my cigars around 68-69 degrees of humidity.
    Will I be able to get that with it being a lower Fahrenheit?

  7. AvatarKVG says

    Hello, do you have any additional information on this Cigar Cooler “RMYHOME 24″Touch Control Stainless Cigar Cabinet? I have searched and your site and Amazon is the only one that lists anything. You recommended this humidor to someone else and I was wondering if you could do a detailed review. Thank you

  8. AvatarWill Smith says

    Hi Steve I would like your opinion on the Whynter 4.2 cu.ft Humidity Temperature Control and Spanish Cedar and the RMYHOME 15”Touch Control Stainless Cigar Cabinet. I have close to 400 cigars and counting.

    Thank You

    • Steven Johnson says

      Hi Will!
      Thank you for the comment.
      Sorry for the late answer. As for me, both have the same characteristics (plus-minus average) but RMYHOME 15″ is the better option than Whynter for 2 reasons:

      1. Humidity range: RMYHOME has 50-80% vs. 65% – 75% of Whynter
      2. RMYHOME is cheaper more than $70-80. You can buy protection plan for this money

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