Premium Hookah Experience

Best Elements for a Premium Hookah Experience

When looking for the best factors for a premium hookah experience, you should consider several factors! If you are participating for the first time, or as a seasoned veteran, there are crucial components.

How to have a Premium Hookah Experience

If you are looking to create a premium lounge experience, then you need to consider the various elements that go into making a great place to work.

You are not selling cigarettes or renting hookahs. What you are offering is the experience of being a hookah operator, and that is what people pay for. They are not getting the same experience at home.

Have Water at ALL Times

We all love to have access to clean and fresh water, but when customers are in a public place, they should be able to get it easily. Having a water station is also a great idea to keep customers hydrated. Keep in mind that when people smoke they become dehydrated. That is why it is a crucial factor to have water present at all times. This will help to enhance the premium hookah experience!

Have a Clean Hookah Lounge

There are a few things to consider when it comes to keeping your hookah lounge clean and safe. Having a clean and safe establishment is important to keep your customers happy and satisfied. If you do not keep it clean, customers will get very upset. People often talk to each other about their experiences. Do not let your business become a downfall.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when relating to the cleanliness of a lounge:


The ladies who visit your establishment should have a clean bathroom. Having a separate area for women is fine, but if your building is not set up this way, they will not be able to judge your establishment by its cleanliness. A few simple touches can elevate a woman’s comfort level. For instance, adding an end table or a pleasant air freshener can help improve a woman’s comfort level.

On the topic of bathrooms in general, check them often. I mean having someone go in there every hour to make sure the bathroom is not a mess. Sometimes people even like to enjoy have a bromantic session with hookahs in there! All jokes aside, make sure that bathroom is clean for a premium hookah experience.

The First Initial Feel

Like everything in life, you often make a judgement within the first 5 seconds of meeting someone. The same concept is present for a first time experience in a location. How do you feel when you see half of the tables in a restaurant are covered in trash and unclean? The same goes for your lounge, which is why it is important that the staff maintains a clean environment. Make sure to use proper EVS products and a true concept to follow is applying the clean and disinfecting aspect. Just because something looks clean does not mean it is.

When someone first walks into the lounge, make sure to have greeters present. The face value of them is crucial for people to enjoy that first initial feel. After taking some time and practicing this concept, your business should have that proper feel!

Clean and Proper Hookahs

You can only change the water once a week, so make sure to clean all of your hookahs regularly. Once a week, use a shaft brush to remove any residue from the bottom and top of the hookah stem. It’s also important to keep the hose clean each night as your customers start to leave. Another crucial aspect of the hookahs is making sure to examine them often. Ensure there is no dirty marks or anything that might throw off the consumers. This will cause your business to spiral downward.

Décor in a Hookah Lounge

Are you trying to spread your vibe too thin? Or maybe it looks pretty funky over here with some Arabic pillows and graffiti all around. Too much wall space will give your room a low budget feel, and it should be the accessories that make the look happen.

You always want to make sure your hookah lounge has an expensive and exclusive feel to it. This feeling will drive consumers to attend your lounge! More people in your lounge means more money in your pocket. Follow these steps precisely for a premium hookah experience!

Lighting in a Hookah Lounge

If your lounge has bright overhead lights, close it immediately and get some lamps. A relaxing environment with a lot of soft lighting is best for providing a social and relaxing atmosphere. When you get to the proper lighting in a hookah lounge, it should be relatively dark. People want to feel relaxed and not overwhelmed when inside of your lounge. A premium and good hookah experience should be present at all times.

Noise in a Hookah Lounge

What type of music do you want to play? A good sound system should enhance the experience and not be a nuisance to the customers. Play music that is a mix of calming and social. People should hear the music as an enhancement and not as a poor addition. Ask your customers often and if they enjoy the music. If the customers are enjoying the music, take notes of what works! Always put your customers first when these choices are present.

Menu Options at the Lounge

Having a nice menu and clear pricing is also important. Doing it without constantly reprinting menus is not only bad for your brand, but it can also cause you to lose sales to competitors with better prices. Make sure to perform a competition analysis of other options in your area. From the analysis you can typically tell where you should be at regarding your menu and pricing. People always like more options! However, do not give them too many choices. This may confuse the consumer and cause further challenges.

How are you Going to Bill?

How do I bill your customers? If they do, do they pay at the end or are they all cash up front? Well, it’s fine if they want to, but it’s not very fast. If they do, then try implementing a “pay at the end” system, as it will allow your patrons to pay for what they want. It’s also a great way to earn tips from your customers. Make sure to treat your loyal customers EXTRA special! Offer free samples and reasons for them to come back with more friends! More people coming to your lounge will mean more money for you! Treating them special is worth it!

Experience of your Hookah Bar

When you are creating a great experience for your hookah bar, make sure to read your reviews! Your Yelp reviews will tell your employees how they are treating your customers. People are quick to write Yelp reviews if something goes wrong. However, people are quick to write if they are experiencing great aspects as well!

In Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read our professional suggestions for your hookah bar! This is how you obtain the premium hookah experience! Leave a comment if you found this information helpful as a business owner, or as a consumer! Enjoy everyone! Check out this article on the best hookah set on Amazon!

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