3 Best Hookah Coals in 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Today I want to talk about coals, which we use a lot, but we don’t think about that much.

Today we’re comparing prestige jumbo flats, Сocourth flats, and titanium flats. Let’s talk about the pros the cons, and the performance of these three black charcoal.

Some Information About Brands

Titanium Coal

Titanium’s have been out the longest john was pioneering in the industry when it came to charcoal; when there were minimal options available, he came out with his chronic hookah coals made some improvement came out a totally separate line called Titaniums.

Сocourth Coal

They’ve been out for very many years now he has Q’s cubits and these flats Сocourth also great charcoal been out for a very long time. I’ve used many kilos of this stuff; they have their mini quarter circles, have the mini cubes, and then use the flaps that I’m using today.

I know they went through a recent revamp where they obtained their own factory, so they get better quality controller coals, so since they’ve come out that revamp, I’ve been using a lot of them, and they’ve been working really, really well.

Prestige Coal

Similarly, Prestige also has been out a very long time; they recently went through a revamp as well, and they wanted to improve upon some of the critiques they got with their original batch, so prestige made some great changes.

They’re a lot less ashy; they’re super consistent, and they’re excellent cold, so these three coals are top contenders in the industry, and that’s why I feel it’s fair to put them a head-to-head because I love all three of these coals.

They all work very well, and I have no problem using one or the other setup.

Today I’m using my be a too gorgeous pipe, obviously using a b2 hose tip using my alpaca Goodfella v4 with a layer of HD foil, and I’m packing in the mix that I am hooked on right now.

It is trifecta noir mixed with a little bit of peppermint shake, and I’m out a venture peach, so I’m going with a little bit of dark but also a peach melon mixture. So perfect mixture got the melon got the peach got the mint got the floral all it’s so good I am hooked on this stuff I want to smoke it all day, and this has been my go-to mix now for the past couple weeks, so you guys do not see the review slash talking about the hookah Expo worldwide and the hookah battle.

Lightning the Hookah Coal

The first category that we’re going to talk about is obviously lighting the coals light time on all these very, very similar negligible at most a few seconds here and their difference: the Titanium’s did like the slowest, but it was within a few seconds of the other ones, so it didn’t matter to me smell on the burner.

Next category, I do like my coals outside. So the smell is not a big issue to me, but a few months ago, I was lighting them inside, and I did definitely notice the stench of one over the other.

What about Stench?

The coco Сocourth had a much stronger stench compared to the Titanium’s and the Prestige. I barely smell them at all Titanium’s about average smell Coco Сocourth was a little bit stronger, but none of them were off-putting none of them really bother me; it’s just something that I noticed.

So if I smell on the burner, they’re all good with me. They’re not like other coals that I tried to pass where you cannot light them inside if you had it like these insides or even in a lounge environment; they work fine with me.

Just a reminder, these are natural coals; they do have to be lit on a burner of some sort; you cannot light these with a match or a lighter there is no accelerant on these to help light them faster, so you do need a stove or a burner of some type.

The type of coal I prefer; you guys know that I don’t like the quick lighting coals; they taint the flavor of the bowl, and they are less healthy so terms of the burners that I use.

Which coal could I recommend?

I can tell you guys that all three coals are excellent coals to choose from these are my favorite coals.

These are the ones that I spend my money on, and these are the three coals that would I recommend to you guys one thing I will note though the Сocourths I have experienced in this past batch alone they have been cracking a little.

Some people said in the past that it said Titanium’s crack, but the prestige I haven’t used it enough to see any cracking, but we went through boxes and boxes at the expo with zero cracking.

So I would say it varies from batch to batch amongst all three brands. I think some batches are just better than the other ones, but as you can see, they’re still great; a few cracks here and there, and a few batches over these many-year periods that I’ve been using them, I’m not really that worried.

They are the top three coals they do not blackout so that I would recommend all three brands to you, and, of course, these best hookahs.


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