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  1. AvatarJordan says

    I’m currently in progress of opening a hookah lounge near the beach but i wanted some advice of what kond of hookah brand i should go with that is reliable.
    I’m more of a modern type of person so i was thinking maybe the starbuzz carbine? I don’t know but a hookah base with led would be preferable.
    I live in the Caribbean if that can also help you with the suggestions.


    • Steven JohnsonSteven Johnson says


      Sorry, but I can’t answer your question because this is business, and you should make a calculation of ROI and estimate the budget firstly.
      The only thing I can do is to give you luck!

  2. AvatarMoe says

    I’m looking to buy my first hookah set and not sure in which one I should. I have a friend that have one already .

  3. AvatarHarshita Das says

    I wanna buy hookah stand of brass stem,acrylic base and chillum should be best…can u plz suggest me one under INR1000???plzz

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