Best Hookah Set on Amazon in 2021

Choosing the right hookah for you can be difficult. Isn’t it? Most hookah lovers want to buy the best hookah sets for fun and quality. So, our article includes a review of the best hookah sets for you. 

Many of you can make a mistake while selecting the perfect hookah. However, we are here to help you choose a top-quality hookah set within your budget. Our list presents the premium hookah sets that offer some unique features.

So let’s get started!

VooV Lit All Glass Hookah Set – Best Overall Hookah Set

VooV Lit All Glass Hookah Set

Our top pick is the VooV Lit glass hookah set with a classic design and excellent quality. It is a 10-inch tall frosted lit glass hookah set with an original glass cube. However, top-quality glass material makes it unique and charming amongst other hookah sets.

In my professional opinion, good quality glass material makes it durable. The flat and reliable design of the glass cube keeps it stable on any surface. Further, the design and shape of this hookah set will keep it stable while traveling. So, it is the ideal choice for travelers.

The use of high-quality borosilicate glass in this hookah is making it long-lasting. However, we can heat hookah parts with this heat-resistant glass without damaging the glass.

VooV has been producing top-class hookah sets for its users. All are handmade without any flaw.

The hookah set contains a 19mm male bowl, 24 mm downstem, 14mm detachable purge valve, and 19mm female bowl. Also, it has charcoal tongs, a charcoal tray, a silicone hose with a handle, and a heat controlling device. All these parts making this hookah set easy to use. However, to use it, you only need charcoal and shisha.


  • Stable design and shape
  • High-quality glass
  • Heat resistant glass material
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to clean hose and bowl


  • Difficult to clean base

KITOSUN Micro Modern Cube Hookah Set – Best Budget Hookah Set

KITOSUN Micro Modern Cube Hookah Set

Let’s talk about the second hookah on our list, the KITOSUN micro modern cube hookah set. It is the best hookah set with everything. However, it includes an acrylic tank, aluminum stems, diffuser, ashtray, purge valve, silk hose, and silicone bowl. 

KITOSUN hookah set is a portable cube hookah set. With the use of high-quality acrylic glass, an excellent hookah set comes. Moreover, it has charming multicolor LED lights with magical remote control. These modern LED lights are providing luxury along with smoking desires.

The item represents a beautiful modern hookah set for hookah lovers. However, it has impressive shisha smoking with comfortable smoke pulling. You will love making the smoke clouds and enjoy the smoking. 

Easy to clean, assemble and store, this hookah set enhances the user experience. It is the perfect hookah set for home use as well as traveling.

It is the modern hookah shisha set with an easy heating control. When it is getting harsh, you can open air vents to keep it calm. Later, you can close the air vents to heat the hookah shisha again.


  • Top Quality Glass Material
  • Durable
  • Includes Everything
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Modern LED Lights


  • Take some time to clean

Urays Cube Acrylic Hookah Set – Best Hookah Set with Everything

Urays Cube Acrylic Hookah Set - Best Hookah Set with Everything

Next on our list is the Urays cube acrylic hookah set. It is another hookah set that comes up with everything. It is the new hookah set with a unique design. Not only that, but it is easy to handle because of its convenient shape and style.

It is a luxury cube hookah set containing a pure acrylic base with black stainless steel. Its high-quality material makes it more solid and long-lasting.

Urays hookah set makes it easy to pull the smoke. Now, you can enjoy making the big smoke clouds with this amazing hookah set. It is very easy to assemble, disassemble, wash and store.

It is a unique hookah shisha set with safety features. If you feel that the hookah is becoming harsh, you can open an air vent to keep it calm. After that, you can again close the air vents to heat the hookah.

The hookah set includes every necessary component. It contains a bowl, ashtray, tong, hose, rubber seal, and beautiful multicolor LED lights.


  • Strong Stainless Steel Base
  • High-Quality Acrylic Glass
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy to Wash
  • Beautiful LED Lights


  • It takes time to dry completely


In conclusion, I would like to suggest the best choice hookah set to you. Many of you want to choose the hookah for fun, interest, or addiction. Well, it’s your personal preference. 

To choose the right hookah, you have to find your main cause of need. I will suggest you according to the budget, overall performance, and quality.

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