7 Best Cigar Travel Cases For 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Those who love traveling and smoking cigars will agree that it is not always easy to pack and carry your favorite brand of bad boys. Apart from being susceptible to breakage and damage from all the movement, cigars that have been packed in an improvisational manner may become dry and nasty along the way. For that reason, it’s highly advisable to use a travel humidor to carry your cigars with you anywhere you go.

With that in mind, this guide will go over seven of the best travel humidors available on the market.

Besides, it will provide useful information about travel humidors in general. Hopefully, all this information will come in handy when the time comes to choose a particular model.

Best Cigar Travel Humidors in 2020 – Comparison Table

Extra-large travel humidor with locking capabilities, boasting a crushproof construction

Xikar Travel Humidor

  • Hygrometer Included: No
  • Material: Reinforced ABS
  • Capacity: 40 cigars
  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 9.5 x 5.1 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Check Price
Portable humidor with aluminum construction, lightweight frame, and an affordable price point

HNSYDS Cigar Carrying Case Aluminum Box

  • Number of cigars held: 5
  • Hygrometer Included: No
  • Dimensions: 65 x 230 x 150 mm
  • Check Price
Capable travel humidor with a compact design and an ultra-thin frame

YXF-Cigar Humidors Cigar Box

  • Number of cigars held: 5
  • Hygrometer Included: No
  • Dimensions: 220 x 130 x 30 mm
  • Check Price
Tough and durable travel humidor with security features, spacious enough to fit 33/16 large cigars

FireKing ST103 Waterproof Portable Travel Humidor
  • Hygrometer Included: No
  • Material: Foam, aluminum
  • Capacity: 33 cigars (or 16)
  • Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 x 4.2 inches
  • Weight: 7.4 pounds
  • Check Price
Compact and portable travel humidor with leather exterior, Spanish cedar interior lining, boasting an easy-access sealing mechanism

CiTree Cigar Humidor

  • Hygrometer Included: No
  • Material: Cedarwood, leather
  • Capacity: 4 cigars
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 4.7 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Check Price
Practical and convenient travel humidor with ultra-tough exterior and locking capabilities

Mrs. Brog Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor

  • Hygrometer Included: Yes
  • Material: Reinforced ABS
  • Capacity: 10 cigars
  • Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.1 x 2.3 inches
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Check Price
Simple Tube with Hygrometer

Amancy Travel Leather Cigar Case

Amancy Travel Leather Cigar Case

  • Number of cigars held: 10
  • Hygrometer Included: Yes
  • Dimensions: H: 7.9" x D: 3"
  • Check Price

1. HNSYDS – Best Aluminum Travel Humidor

If you are looking for a simple yet effective cigar carrying case with humidor-like properties, the HNSYDS Cigar Carrying Case Aluminum Box may be a good choice. Compact and lightweight, it can be easily carried anywhere with ease. Its alcoholized Spanish cedar interior is capable of keeping your cigars nice and moist for several hours at a time, making it a good choice for short trips and extended nights out.

A Sturdy Exterior

Made of a high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy, this product’s exterior is callous and durable. As a matter of fact, when closed and locked, the case can keep your cigars completely protected from external elements and even impact.

The product’s construction is outstanding, including high-quality hinges and a high-quality metal lock. However, the material is not heavy or bulky, making it a good choice for a travel humidor like this one.

Tradition and Modernity Combined

Without a doubt, the HNSYDS Cigar Carrying Case Aluminum Box stands out due to its combination of traditional and modern designs. Externally, the aluminum-magnesium alloy case is sleek and modern, providing efficiency, portability, and practicality without sacrificing looks. Internally, meanwhile, the product features a classic Spanish cedar lining and cigar tray that looks incredibly elegant.

Innovative Locking Mechanism

If your cigar collection’s safety and security are a concern, you should consider this product’s innovative locking mechanism. In addition to providing security, this system helps the humidor’s sealing. Despite being very effective, the lock is easy to use.

  • It maintains humidity for long periods of time.
  • Spanish cedar interior lining
  • Sturdy and protective case
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Effective locking mechanism
  • No active humidifying system
  • Somewhat pricey

2. YXF-Cigar Humidor Cigar Box – Best Ultra-Thin Travel Cigar Case

Those who are looking for a travel humidor that is compact and elegant would be remiss not to look at this product. Made of ultra-thin aluminum, the device is lightweight and easy to carry. At the same time, the YXF-Cigar Humidor Cigar Box is notoriously elegant and sleek. Even better, its design allows passive humidification and air circulation at all times.

Hand-Made Perfection

Looking at the YXF-Cigar Humidor Cigar Box, you wouldn’t believe that it is hand-made. Incredibly sleek and precise, its design provides balance and portability without sacrificing style. Despite being ultra-thin, however, this humidor can carry several large cigars with comfort and ease.

Toughness and Durability

Despite being lightweight and compact, the YXF-Cigar Humidor Cigar Box is adamant and protective. Made of high-quality aluminum, its exterior is capable of resisting a variety of external elements and impact. Of course, that would not mean much if the product did not have strong sealing capabilities. Luckily, it has a food-grade silicone sealing ring that doesn’t let air and humidity in or out.

Portability Above Everything

Clearly, the YXF-Cigar Humidor Cigar Box aims at helping cigar lovers carry a few of their cigars with comfort and ease. More than that, however, its goal is to keep your cigars smelling and tasting their best even if you are moving through different environments and conditions. However, its compact design means that it has a carrying capacity of only ten medium-size cigars at a time. As a result, this is a great product for short trips and long nights out.

  • Unique and stylish design
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight
  • Food-grade silicone sealing ring
  • Tough and heat-resistant exterior
  • Hand-made
  • Low holding capacity

3. FireKing ST103 – Most Secure Travel Humidor

If you are going to be traveling for extended periods of time, a pocket travel humidor may not be spacious enough to carry all the cigars you will be smoking, introducing the FireKing ST103 Waterproof Portable Travel Humidor, a small security case for up to 33 cigars that features great humidification and temperature-conserving capabilities. Tough, durable, and secure; this is a great product for ensuring the well-being of your most precious cigars during long trips.

A Safe For Your Cigar Collection

Without a doubt, one of the most noticeable things about this product is that it looks like a safe. It is not all about looks, however, as its design and features make it incredibly secure. For one, it has dual compression latches on the sides that provide a powerful and airtight seal. What’s more, its key lock is strong and resistant, ensuring that prying eyes and mischievous hands will not get to your precious cigar collection.

On-The-Go Humidification

The FireKing ST103 Waterproof Portable Travel Humidor includes everything you can need to keep your cigar collection moist during your travels. Its interior features a dedicated section that works as a humidifier holder. In it, customers can place humidification packs of different types, preventing their precious cigars from becoming dry and, eventually, stale.

Organization and Comfort

Featuring various organizing trays made of foam, the FireKing ST103 Waterproof Portable Travel Humidor is great for keeping different types of cigars separate from each other. The trays allow for comfortably fitting a remarkable number of cigars in the humidor, even more than that.

  • Holds up to 33 cigars
  • Tough and ultra-protective case
  • Ergonomic handle for easy carrying
  • Features a useful humidification packet holder
  • Secure key locking chest with dual compression latches
  • The keys can’t be taken out unless the device is locked

4. CiTree Cigar Humidor – Best Leather Travel Humidor

Remarkably compact and very elegant, the CiTree Cigar Humidor is a great option for cigar lovers who are often on-the-go. Externally, it looks a lot like a large wallet or a small leather case. Internally, however, it features a Spanish cedar lining that is spacious enough to fit four large cigars at the same time. Using a metal zipper, the humidor can be quickly opened and closed whenever needed.

Humidifying Action

Despite its compact and simplified design, the CiTree Cigar Humidor includes an effective humidifier. It is tiny, but it’s perfectly capable of keeping the few cigars that fit in the humidor perfectly moist and delicious for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, it’s effortless to use, only requiring customers to add a few drops of distilled water or humidifying solution.

The Elegance of Leather

Without a doubt, the CiTree Cigar Humidor stands out due to its stylish design. More than that, it uses leather as its main material differentiates this product from other travel humidors on the market. By most accounts, this choice of material adds a lot to the product’s elegance and stylishness.

Practicality and Portability

Of course, a pocket travel humidor like this one would be no good without being practical and easy to use. Luckily, the CiTree Cigar Humidor is both. Being amazingly compact, lightweight, and portable, this product is perfect for cigar lovers who are always on the move. In fact, the CiTree Cigar Humidor can be carried in your pocket without any problems.

  • Compact and portable
  • Spanish cedar interior lining
  • Includes stainless-steel cutter
  • Practical humidifying system
  • Great air circulation
  • The external case made of low-quality leather
  • Not very protective

5. Mrs. Brog – Best Waterproof Travel Humidor

If you are looking for a travel humidor that doubles as a protective case for your cigar collection, take a look at this product. With a crushproof, reinforced frame made of high-quality ABS, this travel humidor is capable of withstanding the punishment of external elements as well as pressure and impact. At the same time, its foam-based interior lining keeps your cigars tightly and securely in place, preventing damages due to hard or violent movements.

An Indestructible Travel Humidor

Made of high-quality ABS and expertly constructed, the Mrs. Brog Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor for 10 Cigars can resist all types of damage. As a matter of fact, this product is often referred to as being indestructible due to these characteristics. However, even more than resisting damage externally, the product is great at keeping the cigars inside it still and fixed, preventing damage from vibration and shakiness.

Waterproof and Airtight

The Mrs. Brog Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor for 10 Cigars provides additional protective measures for your cigar collection. For one, its seal is completely airtight, ensuring that neither temperature nor humidity will change in a radical manner when it’s properly closed. What is more, the device is completely waterproof, preventing your cigar collection from becoming ruined due to accidental wetness.

Organizational Capabilities

Despite being relatively compact, the Mrs. Brog Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor for 10 Cigars features two trays that can help organize your cigar collection precisely. Even more than that, these trays have the perfect design for making the most out of a limited amount of space, allowing the surprising number of 10 large cigars to be stored in it at any time.

  • Completely waterproof
  • Includes two trays
  • Airtight seal
  • Crushproof ABS frame
  • Holds up to ten large cigars
  • A built-in hygrometer is not of high quality

6. Xikar – Best Large Travel Humidor

So far, all the travel humidors featured on this list are meant to carry reduced cigars’ numbers. If you are looking to travel with a considerable collection, however, you may want to take a look at the Xikar Travel Humidor. Despite being relatively compact and very portable, this product allows cigar enthusiasts to carry up to 60 large pieces without cramping them in.

Protect Your Collection

When you are carrying up to 80 of your best cigars, you want your collection to be completely secure. Made of high-quality ABS, the Xikar Travel Humidor is remarkably tough and resistant. Even more than that, it is crushproof and waterproof, and it seals with airtight security. To protect your cigars from the inside, the humidor uses high-density urethane foam.

Superior Construction

In addition to being made of high-quality materials, the Xikar Travel Humidor for 60 Cigars boasts an advanced construction that helps ensure its durability. Molded out of a single piece of material, its frame is solid and tough. Meanwhile, its stainless steel hinges are durable and resistant to corrosion and rust.

  • Airtight seal
  • Waterproof
  • It is made of crushproof ABS.
  • Holds between 50 and 80 cigars
  • Features pressure relief valve
  • Expensive
  • Not very portable

7. AMANCY Travel Leather Cigar Case – Best Mini Cigar Case For Travel

Cylindrical in Shape, Protective in Use

The Amancy Travel Leather Cigar CaseThe AMANCY Travel Leather Cigar Case looks something like a coffee cup holder at first glance, having a cylinder shape throughout the case’s entire case. Polyurethane (PU) leather holds the canister in place, large enough to accommodate about five cigars. It’s great for ring-sized cigars that aren’t too long, so if you fancy anything that’s about the size of a Churchill, you should have no issues getting them to fit at capacity.

What Comes with the Product

The small shape might not fit in your pocket but should easily go in most luggage. If you’re just traveling with the case to work or in a cigar shop close by, hand-carrying should suffice. Being that it’s leather, you’ll have to make sure that nothing drops in those instances. The inside is also layered with cedarwood, which helps hold in moisture must better.

There is a hygrometer and humidifier tube sold with the case.

The former is not entirely accurate, so if you’re big on getting the temperatures just right, you might want to purchase a digital piece with it. But truthfully, that would defeat the purpose of acquiring this in the first place!

Anyhow, the Amancy case is sturdy to hold up during long trips on the road. You’ll have to check on the humidity quite often, depending on the area you live in. And while it’s not perfect, there’s enough here to give it a high recommendation for any cigar aficionado.

  • The small cylindrical shape of the case doesn’t take up much space
  • It has a wooden interior to help hold in moisture better
  • All parts are made to help keep the cigars from moving while in transit
  • The humidor hygrometer cannot be adjusted, making it impossible to gauge the humidity level in the case accurately
  • Strange industrial smells emanate from the case upon first use

The Best Travel Humidor – Buyer’s Guide

To choose the right travel humidor for your needs, there are some important things you need to take into account. Before choosing a particular product, read the following information:

What to Look For in a Travel Humidor

Regardless of its type or brand, certain aspects of a travel humidor are essential to its correct functioning. Before deciding on a specific model, take into account the following:

Humidification System

Of course, the main goal of a humidor is to keep your cigars humidified even when the external conditions are not conducive to that. To accomplish this, all humidors have some sort of humidification system. There are two main types of humidification systems; however: active and passive. While active humidification systems inject humidity into the cigars through a dedicated process, passive humidification systems simply allow natural humidity to access and penetrate the cigars. However, both methods can be effective if the humidification system is well-built and efficient. The next time you look at a humidor’s humidifying properties, consider that polymer-based systems tend to be the most effective. On the other hand, sponge-based humidification systems tend to be the least effective.

Interior Lining

Without a doubt, the material that its interior lining is made of can be critical for any humidor’s correct performance. Unquestionably, Spanish cedar is the most effective material for interior linings.

There are two main reasons for that:

  1. For one, the material is very efficient at absorbing and maintaining humidity.
  2. Secondly, Spanish cedar tends to maintain temperatures stable for long periods of time. However, take into account that the thickness of this material is also important: Anything below 3 millimeters in thickness is considered ineffective.
  3. Also, consider that this material is also the most expensive of all the materials commonly used for the interior lining.

Air Circulation System

If a humidor does not have a proper air circulation system, problems such as mold will likely affect it. For that reason, a good humidor needs to have both a design and construction that enable the air to move freely through it.

Even more than that, the air needs to move through all the device’s interior, preventing the creating of stale air pockets that could be conducive to the formation of mold and the breeding of tobacco beetles, among other problems. However, take into account that it does not matter how effective the air circulation system of your humidor is if the room it’s in does not have proper ventilation.


It doesn’t matter how effective a humidor’s humidification system is if it doesn’t seal properly. In effect, if the seal is not perfectly tight and secure, the humidity will slowly but surely leave the humidor’s interior, rendering it basically useless.

Even if the humidity scaping the humidor is minimal, the device will not maintain the correct humidity levels for a very long time. For that reason, it’s vital to make sure a humidor seals correctly before buying it.

To do this, you can place a small flashlight that is turned on in the humidor and then close it. If any light is visible after the humidor is closed, it means the seal is not working properly.


Apart from maintaining your cigars moist and delicious, a travel humidor’s job is to protect them from external threats. For that reason, your next humidor must boast a durable and resistant construction.

Take into account that, being portable, travel humidors are more susceptible to impact and rough handling than desktop or office humidors. Without a doubt, the thickness of the product’s wall is essential to its durability.

However, the way that the device is put together will determine how long it will last and what type of damage it will resist. In addition to the device’s main body, take a look at its hinges, making sure they are made of a high-quality metal that will resist the test of time.


Although it’s not always included in travel humidors, a good hygrometer is a very desirable component. This useful device measures the humidity in the air with precision, letting the user know if any adjustments need to be made to preserve their cigar collection’s integrity.

If possible, go for a humidor with a hair mechanism rather than a metal spring one. This is because hair mechanism is more durable and more precise than their spring-based metallic counterparts.


Since we are talking about a humidor that you will take with you when you travel, the device must be easily portable. To this end, you should look for a humidor that is both compact and lightweight. More than that, look for a device with the right kind of proportions for fitting into the type of luggage you tend to carry with you.

Alternatively, look for a humidor that includes its own travel bag or has comfortable and ergonomic carrying handles.


Last but not least, a good humidor should have a nice finish. Of course, this will not affect its functioning or performance in any way. However, most people would agree that style and elegance are important factors for cigar humidors. Remember that, at least partially, the joy of smoking cigars comes from its aesthetics.

Travel Humidor Types

All travel humidors have certain characteristics in common, including portability and compactness. Still, there are different types of travel humidors, including (but not limited to) the following ones:

Golf Caddy Humidors

Often, golf players are also cigar lovers. If that is the case, there is nothing better than a golf caddy humidor. Because it can be attached to the golf cart with ease, this type of mobile humidor is efficient and convenient.

Vehicle Humidors

Those who enjoy cars and cigars would be remiss not to consider a vehicle travel humidor. These devices are typically sold in luxury car stores and dealerships. They can be fitted into the glove compartment or center console of your car, providing easy access to your beloved cigar collection.

Luggage Humidors

These are medium-size travel humidors that can be carried in your luggage. Alternatively, they have a carrying bag or handles that allow you to carry them like you would a piece of luggage. Without a doubt, this type of travel humidor is the most common and the most practical.

Pocket Humidors

As the name implies, pocket humidors are miniature humidors that can be carried in one’s pocket. Pocket humidors can only carry two or three cigars at a time, and their humidifying capabilities are considerably reduced compared to those of a regular-size humidor. However, they can be very effective for carrying cigars during a night out.

Parts of a Travel Humidor

No matter their type, all high-quality travel humidors need to have certain parts to function correctly. They are as follows:


All humidors have at least one tray. Trays allow cigar enthusiasts to layer their collection and prevent different cigars from coming in contact with one another. Additionally, they make it easier to organize your collection as you see fit. Normally, trays are made of Spanish cedar or a similarly-efficient high-quality material. They also tend to have holes that allow the air to circulate freely.


Because any cigar collection worth smoking tends to be expensive, the best travel humidors out there include a locking mechanism that helps prevent theft. In addition to this, locks can also help the humidor seal properly. Before buying a humidor, check its lock to make sure it is tough and effective.


Put simply, and a divider is a piece of material that helps separate cigars from one another. Despite being very straightforward, cigar dividers are terribly important for keeping different cigar types from changing each other’s aroma and flavor. They can also help cigar lovers organize their cigar collection in any way they see fit.


A hygrometer is a useful instrument that measures the humidity levels in the environment (or, in this case, inside your humidor). There are two main types of hygrometers: analog and digital. Analog hygrometers tend to be cheaper than digital ones. Unfortunately, however, they also tend to be a lot less accurate. If at all possible, it’s always advisable to go for a humidor with a digital hygrometer instead of an analog one.


Finally, the humidifier is the part of a humidor that helps it maintain its moisture and humidity. There are different types of humidifiers, ranging from the extremely simple to the advanced ones that function through an electrical system.

How to Care For Your Travel Humidor?

Properly Season It

If your humidor has a Spanish cedar interior lining, you must season it properly before you try to use it. If you put cigars in an unseasoned humidor made of Spanish cedar, the dry wood will absorb the cigars’ humidity instead of maintaining it. To prevent this from happening, season your humidor. There are various ways to do this. However, they all involve placing a humidity source (distilled water) in the humidor for a certain period of time.

Keep it in a Cool and Dark Place.

For a humidor to work properly, it is terribly important that its interior temperature remains at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Unfortunately, the external temperature can greatly affect the interior temperature of your humidor. Even more than that, the external humidity can also affect the internal humidity of your humidor. To prevent this from happening, always keep your travel humidor in a cool, dark place.

Maintain Your Humidifier

As previously mentioned, having a humidifier that works correctly is essential to proper functioning. To ensure the device doesn’t stop working correctly over time, you should maintain and fill your humidifier periodically. How you should do this varies according to the humidifier type and the particularities of the humidor. Additionally, make sure to replace your humidifier when the time comes to do so.

Choose the Right Humidifying Agent

The two most common humidifying agents used in humidors are distilled water and propylene glycol. Both substances have their pros and cons. However, typically, distilled water is better for humidors that are opened often. Meanwhile, glycol is better for humidors that are seldom opened.

Check Your Hygrometer Periodically

One of the worst things that can happen to your humidor is its internal humidity to change drastically. If the internal humidity starts to change, you should resolve it quickly by refilling the humidifier and adjusting whatever needs to be adjusted. For this reason, you should monitor your humidor’s hygrometer periodically.

In Conclusion

As you can see, a travel humidor is a helpful device that can keep your cigars protected and healthy during long journeys away from home. Without a doubt, each of the products featured in this guide is capable of doing that job exceedingly well. Now, it is up to you to choose the one that can satisfy your particular needs with the most success. Hopefully, the information provided in this buyer’s guide will help you do just that.

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