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Hookah (shisha, water pipe) is simply a device used for smoking flavored tobacco where the smoke is first purified through water before. It is inhaled, it’s not drugs, it’s just flavored tobacco and it tastes really good. The main components of the hookah are the bowl, which is where the tobacco has actually held the body, or the stem which has that long skinny part, where the smoke passes down through and into, the water basin where the smoke is actually purified and cooled down a little bit before it goes through the hose and into the smoker’s lungs.

Reviews and Product Guides

  • Best Elements for a Premium Hookah Experience
    When looking for the best factors for a premium hookah experience, you should consider several factors! If you are participating for the first time, or as a seasoned veteran, there are crucial components. Contents How to have a Premium Hookah ExperienceHave Water at ALL Times Have a Clean Hookah LoungeBathroomsThe First Initial FeelClean and Proper
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    Choosing the right hookah for you can be difficult. Isn’t it? Most hookah lovers want to buy the best hookah sets for fun and quality. So, our article includes a review of the best hookah sets for you.  Many of you can make a mistake while selecting the perfect hookah. However, we are here to
  • 3 Best Hookah Coals in 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
    Today I want to talk about coals, which we use a lot, but we don’t think about that much. Today we’re comparing prestige jumbo flats, Сocourth flats, and titanium flats. Let’s talk about the pros the cons, and the performance of these three black charcoal.
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    Water pipes, or bongs, are more popular today than they have been at any other point. Consequently, after you learn how to use water pipes and water pipe accessories, you’ll need to select a product that’s right for you—a product that meets or exceeds your expectations. And with so very many options to choose from,
  • 6 Best Hookahs to Buy For 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
    Last year I spent $1000 to choose the best hookah on the market, and I found that many awful products can make one thing: pain with losing money. So I made this guide to help you to buy the right hookah and don’t waste your time and money 😉 1. Khalil Mamoon – Old Classic
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    Today, hookah use has gained momentum, becoming a global phenomenon that accounts for heaps of specialty smoking gear and widespread hookah cafes. A solid smoking experience often relates directly back to the quality and build of the hookah hose. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive “Buyer’s Guide” and reviewed the top five hookah hoses on
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    What do we really want from the hookah bowl? Long hookah sessions and saving the tobacco flavor, so I did these reviews to show you the best hookah bowls.