How To Not Get Sick While Smoking Cigars

How To Not Get Sick While Smoking Cigars in 2021 | Expert Advice

I could frequently ask, not necessarily by just beginners, but even guys who have enjoyed cigars for many years on how not to get sick, smoking a cigar. So first and foremost, try not to smoke a cigar on an empty stomach. That is a big no-no, especially for a beginner. Your bloodstream in the morning is going to absorb all too much nicotine in the bloodstream. You’re going to start getting cold sweats even when it’s cold outside. Next becomes the pale face.

Then you get that all of you, and trust me; you don’t want that. Whew. And finally, you’re running to the toilet or trash can. A little food is a great thing before smoking a cigar; it really helps smooth out even if your cigars not that smooth, and do not inhale a cigar is not a cigarette. A cigar is meant to savor and enjoy. Inhaling voluminous amounts of cigar smoke in a quick period is a guarantee to meet the porcelain, God.

Take your time, smoke slower, you’re going to want to enjoy savor and relax when smoke you’ll find cigar faster puffs mean more heat and more carbon buildup. And you’ll soon be hearing voices of Howard Cosell saying, down goes Frazier, Don’t be that guy relax and relight.

If you have to start with a mild cigar, especially in the morning, when your stomach is not so full, trust me, it’s going to be a lot more enjoyable for you. And make sure that the cigar has proper humidification; a dry cigar will burn very fast, and you’re going to get large amounts of smoke without even really knowing about it. And POW is cautious in that. Another thing that can be even worse is an over a humidified cigar. Since water and fire don’t mix. Because the tobacco has too much humidity, you’re consistently puffing on a cigar to keep it lit, and it’s going to compound the problem. Alcohol, Of course, can cause a lot of questions. Try not to drink so fast, for obvious reasons. Together with a cigar, that roof is going to start spinning, and you’re going to start feeling terrible.

So take your time with both now is going to become much more enjoyable. And it becomes a pairing experience, which is really what it’s all about. And believe it or not, even experienced smokers like yours truly can get queasy, especially going through blends in the morning and trying to come up with that perfect time or that perfect cigar for your time and time again. Remember one thing that really helps us a sugar pack and remit with natural sugar. It’s really like Alka Seltzer to the stomach. It’ll make you feel better much quicker. Our tobacco sorters, our rollers, or selectors always have some sugar handy. Even people that work in the factory, they’re not smokers.

They get hurt too because the heavier Roma’s make them woozy; the sugar will raise the blood sugar and keep your stomach settled. Good old whole milk is good also. It actually will keep your tummy settled. And in time, really enjoying your cigars and not having a hurry is really going to make make your day and make it much more enjoyable. And you’ll start seeing that you’re not only more comfortable, but you will not get any of these episodes happening to you anymore. And remember one thing, practice makes permanent. If you follow these eight steps, I promise you one thing your smoking experience will be much more enjoyable.

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