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How to Properly Relight Your Cigar in 2021 | Professional Help

What do you do if your cigar goes out, and what is the proper way to relight it? Is it bad if my cigar goes out? Well, naturally, it is, but it’s a common occurrence. It happens to every one of us, including me. We have a long conversation. We’re talking. We put our cigar down in the ashtray as we’re conversing. And we go pick up the cigar, and it goes out.

Your Cigar Don’t Burn – Bad Time

Why is it bad? Well, of course, it’s going to build some carbon buildup when the cigar goes out. It’s just a natural occurrence of tobacco. Moreover, tobacco is natural that a cigar will go out if we’re not puffing on it adequately. Why? Because a premium cigar has no accelerators. But the great news is, is I’m going to show you how to relight your cigar properly. [br_att clear=”left”]

Relight and Don’t Forget About the Ash + Carbon

The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to tap the ash off of the excess of the cigar, which is very important. And the cigar has carbon buildup. It’s only natural like I said earlier. The important thing is, is when I relight this cigar, I’m going to actually blow out because I want to blow out that carbon. You’re going to see flames coming out of here as I light the cigar.

You can see the flame blowout. I’m just getting rid of that carbon. After that third flame, that carbon is pretty much gone because I’ve gone all the way around the cigar. Now I’m going to light it by using the heat. Like you’ve seen previously how to cut and light a cigar properly, you’re still going to follow the same technique. Now I’m going to puff on the cigar. No foul taste. No carbon buildup because I blew it out. And that’s the proper way to relight a cigar and to be able to enjoy a cigar.

Final Words

Before I finish in conclusion, if you put out a cigar, you can’t wait until the next day if it’s been sitting out in your patio with humidity or something. It’s too long. But if you put out your cigar, as I said earlier, and you’re having a conversation, this proper way of relighting the cigar will be instrumental in enjoying your cigar. So I hope this helped. Thanks a lot.

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