How to Rehydrate Dry Cigars in 2021 | Easy Guide

As all cigar enthusiasts know, there is nothing worse than a dried out cigar. Apart from being difficult to burn and smoke, a dried out cigar will have a sub-par taste and a not-so-pleasant smell.

Luckily, there are easy methods for re-humidifying and reviving your dry cigars. With all that in mind, this tutorial will provide step by step instructions on how to rehydrate cigars.

What You Will Need to Correctly Follow This Tutorial

In order to follow this step by step tutorial, you will need to use the following items:

For Method 1

  • A standard cigar box.
  • A damp towel.

For Method 2

  • Two Ziplog bags (one larger than the other).
  • A damp sponge.

For Method 3

  • A standard cigar box.
  • Your shower.

For Method 4

  • A humidification bag.
  • Distilled water.

Step by Step Instructions For Rehydrating Cigars

There are various different methods for rehydrating your dried out cigars. According to the materials at your disposal and your personal preferences, you can choose the best one for you.

Method 1: Leave the Cigars in a Naturally Humid Room

1. Find a Suitable Environment

One of the simplest ways to rehydrate your cigars is to use the natural atmospheric moisture of a particular place. Places that tend to be naturally damp or humid such as cellars and greenhouses can be used to this end. The reason is that they make perfect environments for smoothly exposing the dried out cigars to steady and constant levels of humidity. There are some considerations to be had, however, before deciding on a particular place. Make sure to choose a room that is slightly warmer than room temperature. Additionally, make sure to avoid places that get direct sunlight or are near a heat source.

2. Set the Cigars Down

Find a place where there is no direct sunlight to set the cigars down. Place the cigars in a standard cigar box. Make sure that the cigars are evenly distributed and well-organized when they are inside the box. Set the box down, and crack open (or remove) its lid. By leaving the box open, you will allow moisture to get to the cigars with more ease in order to penetrate and rehydrate them.

If your cigars are somewhat dry, it may be a good idea to simply crack open the box a little bit. If, on the other hand, your cigars are completely dried out, do not shy away from leaving the lid all the way off. If you think the moisture in the room will not be enough to revive your cigars, you can try placing a warm, damp towel beneath the stored cigar box. This will provide an extra boost of moisture that may make all the difference. If you decide to do this, however, make sure to change the towel regularly to avoid mildew.

3. Let the Cigars Become Rehydrated

Once you have completed the two previous steps, it’s time to let time do its thing. Depending on how dry your cigars are, this rehydrating process will take anything between two weeks and two months. Make sure that the cigars are in a place where they can’t be moved or knocked over. Furthermore, make sure that they will not get wet or directly exposed to sunlight or extreme temperature sources.

Method 2: Create a Makeshift Humidor

1. Prepare the Ziploc Bag

Take the smallest of your two Ziploc bags and poke various small holes in both its sides. Make sure not to make holes that are too big: The end of a paperclip should do the trick. After that, place the open cigar box inside the bag. Seal it.

2. Prepare the Sponge

Get a sponge soaking wet and then ring out all the excess water. Make sure that the sponge is new and completely clean. Put the damp sponge inside the second, larger Ziploc bag. Keep in mind that you will have to re-wet the sponge every couple of days during the rehydrating process.

3. Seal the Bag

Place the smaller, ventilated Ziploc bag inside the larger Ziploc bag that already contains the sponge. Seal the bag after making sure that the sponge and the cigars are not making contact.

Method 3: Use Your Shower

1. Put the Cigars in Place

Place your dried out cigars in a cigar box. Then, place the cigar box inside a shelf or cabinet within the bathroom you take your daily showers in. If they are too dry, you may want to place the cigars out in the open. However, this is risky as it may represent too much humidity on a daily basis.

2. Prepare the Cigar Box Before Every Shower

This method requires you to mind your cigar box every day. Before getting into the shower, open the lid of the cigar box. While you shower, place the box on the sink or toilet seat. It does not really matter where you place it as long as it’s near the shower. Do make sure, however, that no water comes in direct contact with the cigars. Once that is done, hop in the shower. Make sure you do not shower for over 20 minutes, though.

3. Rotate the Cigars

To get the best results possible, make sure to rotate the cigars every two days before your daily shower. Additionally, you can shuffle them in the box every three or four days, ensuring that all the cigars will get rehydrated in an even, consistent manner.

4. Monitor the Cigars

If you are going to be reviving your cigars using the shower method, be aware that, through this method, it’s very easy to go overboard and over-humidify your cigars. For that reason, it’s very important to monitor the cigars at all times to see how they are coming along.

Method 4: Use a Humidification Bag

If you want to rehydrate your cigars in a more professional way, you may want to look into humidification bags. These pouches provide a standard, consistent and gradual re-humidification process that is scientifically precise.

Typically, humidification bags feature relative humidity presets that range from 62% humidity to up to 84%. Take into account that 84% humidity is too much for rehydrating cigars, and it is a preset that is only used for preparing humidors and other similar tasks.

If your cigars are not too dry, start at around 65% and increase the humidity according to observable results. If they are bone dry, however, you may want to start at around 75% relative humidity and work your way up.


Did you enjoy reading this tutorial? Knowing how to rehydrate cigars can spare you from a great deal of frustration and save you a lot of money. What is more, it can ensure that you will never have to throw away your favorite cigars. Do you have any questions or opinions about this tutorial? If you do, just leave them in the comment section below! If you enjoyed this tutorial, please consider sharing it with your family and friends!

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  1. Very good ideas Steve. My friend gave me a box of Cuban Cohiba Behike cigars 4 years ago. Some of the ends expanded. I have no idea how this occurred. They came in a beautiful leather humidor.I have moved them around several times. Never in any sunlight. In a humidor at constant 70% humidity. They are fresh but I will use your ideas if something changes.

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