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How To Smoke A Cigar in 2021 – Step-by-Step Guide

Humidors, humidity control, and different tobacco accessories: we talk about them every day on my blog. But one of the most asked questions is, how do you smoke a cigar? And it is not a simple question!

Find The Cigar Retailer

The first thing is that you have to find a reputable retailer that stores cigars in a correct fashion with the proper humidity and temperature. Always go and find an excellent cigar retailer, like, for instance, here at famous cigars, where if you look at their warehouses, everything is climatically and humidity-controlled.

Their humidors are set up correctly with the proper humidity and cool air that makes your cigars fresh. And that’s going to bring a lot of enjoyment when you smoked a cigar. The first thing, when you pick your cigars, you should always ask, you know, what type of cigar, because I don’t know if you like a light cigar or a medium cigar, really rich cigar. So it’s all dependent.

Make the Right Cut

Often, when I recommend a cigar before someone’s going to smoke, one is what their flavor characteristics. Everybody likes things a little bit differently. So as we skip onto that, we get our cigar. The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to cut that cigar, and the most important thing about cutting the cigars, making sure you don’t cut too much.

If you cut too much of the cigar, what’ll happen is it’ll unravel. And a lot of times in the cigar industry, when we see mistakes or anything, where we have an error or so on, a lot of its operator error and a lot of it’s miscounting cigars and misleading cigars, which I’m going to go on here in a couple of minutes. I personally like a flat cut, but there are bullet cuts.

Which Cutter For Cigars Should I Use?

There are punch cuts. There’s also a great V cutter out from Colibri that I really like. So the first thing we want to do is we want to cut that cap on the top, just upon the little, just above the head, not too deep. And literally when you, when you get rid of them, the residue of the cigar, you really just have a cap because we want to pull that cap off.

Huge cigar
If you like this cigar, just smoke it and nothing else matters!

A good flat cut is something I highly recommend; it also a good lighter too. But with wind and so on, if you’re outside, a lot of guys play golf, and so on, you really want to have a flame lighter like this, which will combat the wind. If you’re inside, of course, you can use big matches, but I personally like these types of lighters.

So the first thing I’m going to do is I want to make sure I like this cigar, cause I probably cut it and to be able to smoke a cigar, you want to be able to enjoy it, right? And I’m going to take a band, and I’m going to make a segue or marking. So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to take this particular cigar. It’s got their company logo. And what I want to do is I want to toast afoot. I want to toast afoot because I want that wrapper to seal into the binder. And the binder is basically the leaf underneath the wrapper. The reason I want it is because I want it to be nice and tight.

Lightning the Cigar

When I smoke it, nothing peels away, and the cigar back sheet burned more properly. And this is going to take an extra 10 seconds. But if you do this, I promise you you’re gonna enjoy the cigar much better. The first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to take the lighter, and I’m actually not going to have the light touch.

Step 1. Heat the Cigar (Very Important!)

You can use different lighters but firstly, heating up your cigar!

It’s, it’s basically the heat above the lighter. You can see, you’ll see it start lighting up. And I have a little black ring, and I’m just going to keep turning the cigar to like, just charring it. But I’m not using the flame. Do not burn a square. I’m actually taking the heat and going to keep turning it until I got it all the way up to the top of my band. I’m going to blow on it. And when I look, I’m going to have a nice tight carbon light around that cigar, which means that my wrapper is sealed into my binder.

They don’t teach you this stuff, but it’s essential whether you’ve been smoking cigars for one year or 30 years; this really is going to make your cigar smoking much more enjoyable and takes very little time. I could actually probably smoke this cigar now, but I haven’t lit any of the filler yet, but I’m again, I’m not going to scorch the filler.

You see people doing this, they’re basically taking the flavor characteristics of the scar, and they’re actually burning it and singeing it; it would be no different than taking your steak and taking the ends of your steak before you cut it, need it and charge it to the oblivion. It wouldn’t be enjoyable in the taste. And the same thing with the cigar, if you light it incorrectly, you’re really going not to get the full enjoyment of the cigar.

Step 2. Lighting the Cigar Underneath

Lightning the cigar

So again, I turned that cigar 360 degrees. I got a nice little borderline all the way around where I’ve singed it, where I’ve taken that rapper and sealed it into the binder. And the next thing I’m going to do is now I’m going to light that cigar. And again, it’s not going to be flame to the tobacco.[br_att clear=”left”]

It’s going to be heated to the tobacco. So basically, you want to be like a quarter of a centimeter above the actual flame. That is actually the hottest part. It’s not the flame. It’s just above the flame where the heat actually concentrates.

I’m going to take the top of my cigar, and we put it in my mouth, and I’m going to light underneath. You see the flame. That’s actually the heat rising and singeing the filler. What’s happening is my filler is heated up, and it’s going to start burning, but naturally not with actual fire, but with the heat.

So I got that part up. The next thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna turn that cigar one quarter, two, same thing, one quarter, turn back another quarter, turn.

Step 3. Controlling Ash

Ashtray for cigarsIf you notice, when I blow here, my Ash is completely white all the way around. And my wrapper is completely sealed in and right into the binder and into the filler where I’m going to be able to enjoy my cigar.

And you don’t see any char marks like you would see with many people, try and look like they’re roasting their cigar. Like almost a marshmallow. And that’s not what it’s about. So with the proper cutting and the proper lighting, this particular cigar, depending on the conversation, the amount of drink we’re going to have. Also, don’t forget to use comfortable cigar ashtrays like these.

How Many Puffs With Cigar You Should Do?

And so, and because cigars are Salvatore should take me about 90 minutes to smoke this cigar, but I’m going to have 90 minutes of great enjoyment. And basically, when you want to smoke a cigar, people ask me how long she did puff on it. I think the correct answer is any way you want, but in reality, you want to take a puff once every 30 to 45 seconds; this is a natural product.

Re-light the Cigar. It is Normal!

It’s only tobacco and water that we use in here. Periodically, you might have to relight the cigar. If you have a long conversation, it’s totally natural. There are no accelerators in the cigars or nothing like that. Also, the correct way to smoke a cigar outside of the proper way was to cut in light. It is really to enjoy the cigar.

Accessories On Your Hands

One of the other frequently asked questions while smoking a cigar is whether you should take the band off. And I always say, never take the band off.

There’s a couple of reasons why the first reason is, is when the operator that the band and girl put the actual band on, we use fruit pectin. Because it’s packed in an adhesive that some of that adhesive will touch the actual wrapper leaf. So what happens is if you pull that band off, sometimes a piece of that rapper comes right with it, and you wreck the smoking experience.

One of the worst things that happen is something you might not ever even see, which is basically you produce fine little stress cracks on this wrap. You gotta remember, this is like an onion skin. The roller stretches that rapper out as much as possible. So we can get some oil up on there and the sheen and the prettiness because it’s the dress of the actual cigar.

What happens is if you pull that band off, you might not see anything crack, but all of a sudden, as that barrel starts heating up, as you start smoking that cigar, you’ll start seeing little splits. Those splits actually came from taking off the band. Wait till you’re about a Pinky’s away from the band that you’re smoking of the cigar. And what will happen is that barrel will heat up, and it’ll easily come off.

How To Smoke Cigar Indoors?

Yes, you can smoke indoors without any circumstances with air purifiers. Read reviews about them here.

How Far To Smoke Your Cigar?

A lot of times, it’ll just slide off. And again, you’re going to have a lot better smoking experience by doing that. Always keep the band on. And lastly, one of the questions I always ask is how far I should smoke a cigar? Some people I see, I call mustache burners. They go down, and they almost burned their mustache.

There’s really no right or wrong way. I always say I smoke a cigar. As far as you, like, I always smoke it literally to about the middle part of the band sometimes, because the way we construct the cigars, we want that fulfillment of enjoyment of that tobacco to come from, start all the way to finish. So when you smoke a predominant cigar, I can promise you can smoke it up to your mustache if you’d like.

But really, the correct answer is as far as, as you’d like to smoke the cigar.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you light the cigar correctly as I taught you and cut the cigar correctly, by cutting it very lightly, you’re going to see that you’re going to get a lot more smoking enjoyment in every cigar that you smoke. And that’s what it’s all about. So keep listening to the cigar adviser. And this is Nick predominate. Thank you

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