9 Most Expensive Cigars in 2021 | AMAZING Options

9 Most Expensive Cigars in 2021 | AMAZING Options

Cigars are the sexiest thing, a man can hold. Most famous world leaders and men smoked cigars and some of those cigars were the most expensive cigars you can find anywhere. Cigars are an indication of wealth, luxury, and comfort. 

Some of the best cigars are handcrafted, rolled in premium quality tobacco leaves, and packed in very fine boxes. The quality of the leaves also determines the price of the premium cigars. However, Cuban cigars are world-famous cigars due to their quality and comfort. They arrive from the best region where the finest tobacco is planted and then harvested and then dried with some most expensive wines or solutions to give them the quality they are known for.

Here are some most expensive cigars in the world:

1. Gurkha Cigars

Planted in the northwest region of Nepal and watered with some finest quality water and dries with Remy Martin’s black Cognac which costs 165000$ a bottle. These cigars come for 1.3$ million per cigar and this the most expensive cigar in the world. 

2. Mayan cigars

These are some of the oldest and most expensive cigars in the world which come for 55000$ a box. What makes them unique? The age of these cigars makes them unique and most expensive. These cigars are from one of the oldest civilizations in the world and they deserved to be one of the most expensive cigars. 


This is the world’s largest cigar and was intended to be shown in the public to make a world record. Its cost was 185000$ and it was 20 feet in length and 5 feet in width. Each cigar includes an extravagant humidor worth USD 8,500 that accompanies a crown made of real silver and is plated in 24k gold. The humidor is extra and has a sticker price of $8,500. Do you want to smoke it?

4. King of Denmark Cigars

It’s the second stogies of the Gurkha brand. This brand is world-well-known for its stogies. These stogies come at an astounding cost of 1150$ per stogie. Having a size of 52 inches and a length of 8.5 inches, they arrive in a chest that is cut from camel bone. The covering that wraps them is produced using Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. The fastener is Cameroon, and the five-year matured filler is Dominican. Every cigar is pressed separately in an iced tube and is then positioned in a calfskin box that has orange velvet layers. The kind of cigar is very perplexing in taste that goes from acrid to sweet through its length.

5. Cohiba Behike Cigars

This is the first entry from Cuba. These cigars come at an expensive price of 470$ per cigar and it is known for its name. These cigars are made up of the delicate leaves of tobacco which are handled very carefully and then dried very carefully. This is also one the most expensive cigars in the world and it is a name of quality. 


These cigars are known for their roller in which they are rolled, and they cost 163$ per cigar. Every cigar’s wrapper is sourced from the Chateau de la Fuente, where the company was established in 1912. They’ve been aged for seven years and come in both sun-grown and natural varieties. The humidors are available in ebony, oak, sycabine, and walnut woods. 

To commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary in 2001, Arturo Fuente produced this limited edition of cigar boxes, each containing 46 naturally wrapped cigars and 46 Maduro wraps. However, in 2008, they were re-released for the second time.


They accompany a Rosado covering which is planted in the amazing plantations of the House de la Fuente. The coverings, covers, and fillers of the cigars, are made in the Dominican Republic. 

Accessible in the greater part of the lofty cigars stores on the planet, Arturo Fuente Creation X was delivered in 2003 as a tenth commemoration version of these cigars. It is the most splendid cigar with a size of 9 ¼  inches. These stogies highlight a gentle jalapeno flavor. 

It has a sticker price of 79$ per cigar.


The price per cigar is 52 dollars. Callum Jones was the last person to purchase these cigars in 2013.

When a customer pays this exorbitant price, he is getting not only a cigar but also a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is worth remembering. This limited-edition cigar is made by Regius Cigars, a British company that offers its customers the opportunity to travel first class to the Regius headquarters, where they can assist in the making of their custom blend, and then obtain 1,000 of the custom creations.

9. Louis cigars

These cigars are named after a French Royal and are made in France. It costs $50 per cigar and its roll is made from a unique type of leaf. These are the world’s most enduring cigars, and although they may not be the most expensive, they certainly have a reputation. It is rolled by some of Cuba’s most experienced rollers and has a high level of quality.

So these are some of the most expensive cigars in the world. These cigars are very hard to find because they are produced in very little quantity. People love to smoke these most expensive cigars because they come with high quality and brand names associated with them. These cigars show how rich a person is and how far he is willing to go to smoke these most expensive cigars in the world. 

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