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Which Rh Level Is Right For You in 2021? | Info Guide

Cigars in the humidorWhat would it make five different relative humidity levels based on your personal preference or the humidor that you’re going to store your cigars in? Starting with the lowest RH level we make for cigars, 65% is our more unique formulas.

65% is often used by those who live in a more humid climate. Those that like a fine dryer cigar to assist with a more consistent burn. And for those who store Cuban cigars in general, Cuban cigars tend to develop mold at a lower RH than non-Cuban cigars. 69% is for your airtight or near airtight containers like cooler humidors, Tupper doors, high-quality humidors Boda, acrylic humidors, and Boba humidor bags. 69% is the sweet spot for storing your cigars. Next step, our most popular formula, the 72% relative humidity, is too high for storing tobacco in an airtight container, but almost all humidors leak air.

When you account for that leakage in your standard average humidor, you’ll probably land right in that 69 to 70% sweet spot for storing cigars, last but not least. The final formula that Boba makes to store cigars is 75% by itself. 75% relative humidity is too high for storing cigars, but for humidors with thin walls, bad seals, glass tops.

This formula is probably for you. 75% is also excellent for those who live in climates with low humidity. Well, Boba is working to give off 75% relative humidity after all the leaking through the humidor.

Once again, you’ll probably end up in that 69 to 70% sweet spot, but wait, there’s one more. The 84% seasoning pack is strictly for seasoning your wood humidor. We do not recommend using this to store your cigars, and I hope this short article helped. And if you guys have any other questions, be sure to leave a comment below.

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