Why Cigars Have Cellophane and Should You Remove It-2

Why Cigars Have Cellophane? | Should You Remove It?

Have you ever seen a guy in a store doing these awful things: touching, tasting, smelling? Well, that’s one reason retailers put cello on cigars, but there are other reasons also. Cellophane is very hygienic.

Cellophane Protects Your Cigars From Other Consumers

I know it’s got to bother you when you’re in a humidor, and you see somebody take a cigar and pass it under his nose, I know it bothers me tremendously, or if he has unclean fingers or hands, you never know. It also protects against drops and breakage. How about somebody squeezing the cigars with their fingertips? The cellophane is also going to assist and help in having fewer cracks or no cracks on the cigars, for that matter.

Best Option For Traveling Without Travel Humidor

I like cellophane because it’s great for travel, and it resists tears and rips into the rappers, as I said earlier. I think it looks good, especially when you look at the Reserve Champagne’s yellow cellophane. And if you agree, hit that like button. So we use real cellophane, which is cellulose, which is actually a wood byproduct; it’s a breathable product. Some people use plastic or polypropylene.

Cigar With Cellophane Saves Humidity

And the reason we like to use cellophane is that it actually breathes, and it continues allowing the cigar to continue aging in its tubes, which is really important because it allows slight amounts of humidity to come into the cigar to continue the aging process, which we think is very important. It’s also a great barrier for Lacioderma bugs, even though we don’t have that problem because we freeze the cigars. If you have a one-branded cigar in a humidor, together with other brands that might not freeze, it protects the cigars from having that Lacioderma jump back into our cigars significant for us.

No Mold With Cellophane

Also, some of the polypropylene will lead to mold because it can’t breathe, and what we like about cellophane, because of its breathing capacities, that cigar not only ages but if you have too much humidity in your humidor, it’ll protect it because the cigar will be able to breathe and hence it won’t get mold. In your humidor, if you’re only going to have one-branded cigars, I would recommend that you would take the majority out of the cellophane so they can breathe even better and age in your humidor.[br_att clear=”left”]

But I would keep a small percentage in cellophane, the reason being if you’re going to go on a trip or anything like that, you can always pull those cigars out. You can put them in your pocket or wherever you’re going to take them to, and that cellophane will protect your cigars from any tears or being ripped, or broken, or so on.

You Can Mix Cigars With and Without Cellophane

If you have other cigars mixed in your humidor from different manufacturers, I would recommend that you would keep our cigars in their cellophane. Even though we freeze all our tobacco, and we’ve had literally no beetle problems in the last 20 years, we know that some manufacturers don’t freeze. Because of that, if you have a Perdomo cigar in the humidor, together with other manufacturers’ cigars, if there’s any beetle infestation because of those cigars, those beetles could jump into your Perdomo cigars.[br_att clear=”right”]

But Can Different Cigars With Unique Flavors Mix Up?

So if you have the cigars in cello, it’ll be barrier protection that’ll make sure the beetles won’t go into the actual cigars. A lot of people ask me about marrying the flavors in a humidor. For example, if I age my cigars a long time, if I have different types of one-branded cigars or any cigars for that matter, could those blends and flavors marry? I’ll be quite honest with you, in 30 years of being in the cigar industry and being a cigar smoker for over 40 years. Having many cigars filled in the humidors in my home, I’ve really never experienced that, but it could happen.

I recommend two things, I like to separate my cigars, so for example, I might have 20th Anniversary Sun Growns in a division on the bottom drawer, I might have Champagnes on the right side top drawer. But if you really feel that that could happen, I would keep all my cigars in cellophane to protect the cigars from marrying into each other throughout the years.

Final Words: Avoid Cellophane or Not?

With cellophane, cigars still breathe and continue to age, even when you pull them out of the tube. But the cellophane is used to really protect it from being damaged from even being pulled out of the tube or being put back in the tube. You can put off if you have many one-branded cigars with familiar flavors and you have already bought a cigar cooler humidor. In other cases, cellophane is the best option for saving cigars as long as possible.

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