Why Does my Cigar not Stay lit?

Why Does my Cigar not Stay lit? | Expert Review and Advice

Anybody who smokes cigars know well enough that lighting cigars are not that easy as it seems to be. It’s a pro-level game to keep it lit for cigar enthusiasts. Relight the cigar repeatedly can make it taste rotten, and the process of relighting turns off the mood of the cigar lovers. The most influential query of cigar aficionados is why does my cigar not stay lit? There can be many reasons for this problem, so let’s have a look at a few of them.


Cigars don’t stay lit if they are stored too wet or extra ligero in the filler. The cigar will become damp if placing it in a humid place for too long, though cigar lovers don’t compromise on the taste; therefore, they buy the best humidor to keep their cigars linger lit; and taste fresh. If you don’t know about this solution, then you can buy products to make cigars lit from such a big platform in the whole world, Amazon. You can buy Whynter CHC-120S Stainless Steel 250-Cigar Cooler, a Humidor, for keeping cigars lit. It’s an ideal storage system for cigars that can solve your problem, and you won’t claim again about cigars not staying lit.

Sometimes it happens that you have a humidor but still face the problem. It happens because you have not accurately set the humidor. If you want to check the humidity, a high relative humidity percentage shows a high humidity level and therefore not burning well. Those who love smoking cigars won’t compromise on its taste and freshness, therefore, they usually buy Cigar Holder Travel Portable Smoking Accessories Cigar Stand Portable Cigar Rest Compact Outdoor with Hole Open from amazon that makes their cigar tastes fresh and stays lit. It doesn’t let the wrapper got damaged. It is considered one of the perfect gifts when it comes to keeping cigar lit.

Effects of dampness

Cigars are famous for their porous nature, and if its nature is disturbed for some reason, it loses its uniqueness. They absorb moisture and dampness from the environment, but the fact is that they lose if often more quickly as they gain dampness. It depends upon its manufacturing, where fresh cigars have 12- 15% of moisture within them. A lit cigar effectively ignites the sugars, oil, and tobacco leaves blown as the smoke. But if the cigar is too moist, its features will get ignites uneven while destroying cigar aroma, taste, and freshness.

Manufacturing of cigars:

Let’s have a look at its manufacturing process to make sure the actual reason that why the cigar will not stay lit.


There are many kinds of wrapper leaves that are procured from different brands like Connecticut, Maduro, Habano, and Corojo but still, the most famous of all the wrapper leaves of cigars are from the United States. The outermost part of the cigar is the wrapper of it. It means one of its main parts that have high effects on the taste and ignition. Its first impression says a lot about the flavor and aroma of the cigar. Many cigar lovers claim that cigar wrappers won’t stay lit. It’s because the wrapper itself is too oily or too moist and does not keep the cigar lit and fresh. If you do not burn the wrapper as it needs to be, it prompts the cigar to tunnel since ignitable tobacco has grown. Don’t let the gap increase between the wrapper and the blinder- although it’s microscopic and can’t be seen through the naked eye, still, the cigar enthusiasts know about it well enough. But nothing to worry about, because there is every solution to every problem. You can go to the Amazon platform to choose the best thing best for you to keep the wrapper fresh as well. There is a product on amazon Prestige Import Group Cigar Minder Cigar Clip – Holds Cigar in Place Anywhere. You can buy this one as it helps keep the cigar fresh and in place and doesn’t damage the wrapper.


The extra ligero in the filler can cause another problem for not lit a cigar. Ligero provides the flavor and taste that make an addiction to cigar enthusiasts. The tobacco on the top of the tobacco plant is what provides a taste reason for a cigar. Ligero leaf is chosen for its perfect, full-bodied cigars production, remaining flattened in the middle of the filler bunch. It owes the slow-burning nature of the cigar. Amazon offers Boveda for Cigars/Tobacco as it has 72% RH 2-Way Humidity Control. Its Size is 60 for Use with Every 25 Cigars a Humidor Can Hold. It is a Patented Technology for Cigar Humidors and a 4-Count Bag for cigar lovers to make it easy for them to fulfill their need for cigars without damaging their taste and aroma. It helps to maintain the quality and aroma without spoiling the Ligero. But keep in mind, if the cigar has too much content of Ligero; it can’t stay lit and can’t light properly.


The most efficient part of a cigar is the blinder. The binder wreathes the filler providing the cigar its precise size and shape. Double bunching of the blinder or improper curing is some of the reasons why the cigar won’t stay lit. If the cigar remains doubled back, it won’t stay lit as it becomes too thick; therefore, double bunching is a reason. Amazon offers ZIPPO Double Torch Butane Insert when it comes to a flame as it provides a soft touch ignition and won’t let the freshness of the cigar die. It’s one of the please products for cigar lovers.

Nova cigars also help you deal with the blinder problem of the cigar. The filled and the blinder is a combination of rich Dominican tobacco. So nothing to worry about if you are a cigar lover, as these amazon affiliate products help you deal with these problems and make your cigar stay lit for long.

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